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Catalyst is a technology company that improves medication adherence.

About Catalyst

Catalyst Healthcare is an award-winning technology company with offices in Canada and United States, whose patented AdhereNet® platform links pharmacists, patients and care teams to manage drug complexity and improve medication adherence. AdhereNet is an ‘always on’ data platform that gathers, shares and correlates from multiple sources in real-time, allowing pharmacists to better serve their patients and to play a key role in population health.

Catalyst's end-to-end pharmacy solution for adherence improves quality and efficiency at every point across the medication delivery ecosystem – from healthcare industry leaders distributing pharmaceuticals (wholesalers) through to consumers. By embedding high-quality, cloud-based software into the pharmacy value chain, Catalyst’s model for medication adherence provides the scale required to address the cost of not taking medications as prescribed.

Integrated digital health tools are life-changing for individuals and make it possible for pharmacists to engage with their patients like never before. We were the first company to integrate with McKesson’s PACMED® automation for full trace-ability of medications to the dose-level from wholesaler to patient, and signed an agreement to have our software embedded onto their pharmacy automation. We bring down the cost of packaging for pharmacies by connecting them with fully automated central fills, and resolve adherence issues at the patient level with oneMAR® electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) for long-term care, MyMedTimes™ smart app and spencer medication dispenser for patients at home.

Interactive dashboards allow pharmacists to monitor, intervene and track outcomes, and with information on what has been taken and when, they can proactively review a report of vitals married up to medications that were taken, giving insight into not only adherence but also effectiveness. The care-giving circle is complete, with the highest chance of total adherence.

High-quality software to improve medication adherence.

Pharmacists, nurses and patients use our software to ensure that people receive medications safely and efficiently. Our determination to improve medication adherence is based on a history of serving long-term care and retail patients as a pharmacy owner-operator:

  • an  ecosystem built for adherence

    an ecosystem built for adherence

    spencer is fully integrated into the Catalyst ecosystem. Central fills preparing refills is cost optimal for rapid adoption and scalable deployment.

  • 2017
  • canadian distribution

    canadian distribution

    Premier partnership announced as the first Canadians welcome spencer into their homes.

  • Catalyst + McKesson

    Catalyst + McKesson

    Catalyst Healthcare and McKesson Canada announce a co-marketing and co-distribution agreement to deliver a full-service adherence solution for pharmacies: McKesson packaging technology pre-loaded with Catalyst's AdhereNet clinical platform.

  • 2016
  • AdhereNet


    Software platform for clinical innovation used by pharmacists to improve medication adherence across the patient continuum and to access central fills for on-demand preparation of multi-dose strip packaging.

  • 2014
  • Founded Pack4U, the first central fill in North America to serve independent pharmacies. Operations in Canada and the United States use Catalyst's CentralFill software to provide on-demand, cost-effective filling of multi-dose strip packaging to their pharmacy customers.

  • 2012-2013
  • Developed central fill model with Cardinal, piloted in Florida.

  • 2008
  • Software launch & North American distribution deal with McKesson.

  • 2007
  • Sold pharmacies to focus 100% on software solutions to improve medication adherence.

  • 2005-2006
  • Developed oneMAR, an electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) for long-term care customers that tied directly into the pharmacy to improve communication and operational efficiency.

  • Pharmacies + Nurses


    To retain and grow, need to provide specialty services that help customers while implementing operational efficiency to improve profit margins. Answer: automation, centralized filling, and electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) for long-term care.


    To improve quality while reducing costs, need to simplify medication pass, decrease waste, improve communication, and eliminate errors. Answer: multi-dose adherence packaging and eMAR.

  • 1996-2004
  • Co-founded chain of 21 retail & 2 long-term care pharmacies. Introduced automated adherence packaging, setup 1st central fill in Western Canada, wrote centralized filling legislation for the province of British Columbia.

  • Catalyst Timeline

Early, high-tech pharmacy.

Founded and operated by a pharmacist, we began as an independent retail chain serving the long-term care market. Our pharmacies were among the first in North America to use automation and offer multi-dose adherence packaging. Later, we carved out a closed-door long-term care business, expanded to several locations and offered central fill services to our retail pharmacies.

As we worked with a growing number of healthcare facilities, we learned about common problems that created potential for errors: handwritten medication administration records (MARs), interruptions during med-pass, overburdened nurses and more. We were inspired to find a solution that would ensure accuracy, ease workloads and empower nurses to deliver exceptional care while simultaneously streamlining our pharmacy operations by eliminating errors and improving communication.

Safer, faster medication administration for nurses.

We developed technology to track medication therapy through the full chain of custody, from wholesaler to pharmacy to facility to patient. This adherence software platform that’s deployed in the pharmacy powers oneMAR, a cloud-based electronic medication administration record (eMAR) that uses point-of-care bar-code scanning to ensure medications packaged and checked by the pharmacy are administered to the right patient at the right time. Today, oneMAR is an award-winning product recognized for safety and innovation that’s offered by pharmacists and used by nurses across North America.

Making technology accessible for pharmacists.

Recognizing the need for pharmacies to adopt automation and the barriers that keep their owners from doing it, we founded Pack4U, a fully automated pharmacy-to-pharmacy fulfillment model offering centralized filling of adherence packaging. Operations in Canada and the United States use our CentralFill software to provide on-demand, cost-effective filling of multi-dose strip packaging to their pharmacy customers. Those pharmacies are able to rapidly and cost-effectively offer adherence packaging, then track the packaging to any patient, anywhere, and to alert patients to take their medication on-time and as-prescribed. Because technology is a key component of an affordable, sustainable adherence program, making that technology accessible to pharmacists is a vital part of how we’re improving medication adherence. Only Catalyst provides the technology backbone needed to rapidly deploy adherence programs at the scale required to truly address the adherence challenge and improve medication adherence.

A better choice for consumers.

With the growing use of laptops, tablets and smart phones, the natural progression of mHealth apps has been sure and steady. Several pill reminder apps rely on manual entry of dosing information to generate reminders, doing little to catch mistakes. Now completing Catalyst’s adherence ecosystem are MyMedTimes™ smart mobile app and spencer in-home dispenser, the only solutions that are fully integrated with pharmacy workflow for true pharmacy-to-patient adherence management. These solutions let patients know which medications to take and when, and the interactive pharmacy dashboard allows pharmacists to monitor outcomes and to intervene with communication if non-adherence becomes an issue. The dashboard also provides info and data which the pharmacy can provide to demonstrate they are tracking adherence and are managing patient compliance. The care-giving circle is complete, with the highest chance of total adherence.

Software to improve medication adherence.

Our team of pharmacists, healthcare practitioners, software programmers and professional staff in Canada, the United States and Europe are committed to accelerating medication adherence by providing high-quality software to pharmacists, nurses and patients to ensure that people receive medications safely and efficiently.


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