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AdhereNet® Technology Platform

The cost of not taking medications as prescribed is $290 billion per year[i] and medication errors account for 10-20% of all hospital admissions[ii]. A major challenge in long-term care is medication waste, communication across care teams, and the ability to safely and efficiently administer medications. A major need for people at home is a safe, simple and convenient way to take their medications as prescribed.

Catalyst's patented AdhereNet technology platform links pharmacists, patients and care teams to manage drug complexity and improve medication adherence. AdhereNet is an ‘always on’ data platform that gathers, shares and correlates from multiple sources in real-time, allowing pharmacists to better serve their patients and to play a key role in population health.

Connected digital health tools:

  • spencer connects high risk patients at home to community pharmacists
  • MyMedTimes turns your mobile phone into a powerful medication manager
  • oneMAR gives nurses everything they need to safely administer medications

AdhereNet integrations:

  • Pharmacy systems for flow of patient demographic and medication details
  • Automated packagers for bar-code management and inventory tracking
  • Pack4U central fills for access to spencer refills and multi-dose packaging

[i] The New England Healthcare Institute (NEHI).
[ii] McKinsey Study, Strengthening healthcare supply chain.

INTEGRATED. Catalyst makes it possible for pharmacists to engage with patients like never before.

INTEGRATED. Catalyst makes it possible for pharmacists to engage with patients like never before.

SCALABLE. Adapt and grow across any care setting with an array of integrated adherence services.

SCALABLE. Adapt and grow across any care setting with an array of integrated adherence services.

An Ecosystem Built for Adherence

Catalyst AdhereNet™ is a pharmacy software platform built to improve patient medication adherence. It's a scalable solution that increases quality and efficiency at every point across the medication delivery ecosystem.

Integrated. Scalable. Everyone wins with better medication adherence.


Accelerate adherence. Accelerate your business.

For the first time pharmacies will have real-time access to a patient’s medication schedule with the ability to promote adherence via live communication. At the same time the pharmacy will be empowered to provide evidence to pharmacy reimbursement providers that they have raised the bar as a healthcare provider.

Catalyst has made it affordable for pharmacies to engage their patients like never before. AdhereNet’s brilliant networking abilities allow pharmacies to rapidly and cost-effectively offer adherence packaging, then track that packaging to any patient, anywhere, and to alert patients to take their medication on-time and as-prescribed.

Seamless integration with packaging automation hardware, Central Fills, long-term care facility software, smart phone apps, and home dispensers, means that your pharmacy can easily adapt and grow to meet new opportunities.

How It Works

Catalyst's implementation team will guide the setup of AdhereNet in your pharmacy. Before you know it, you'll be on your way to optimizing operations while improving patient outcomes and building loyalty.

Step 1: Setup

Step 1: Setup

Software setup and data import of patient records is the first step, plus optional hardware integration. Our implementation team will guide this process on-site or remotely. Operational efficiency starts now!

Step 2: Training

Step 2: Training

We'll cover training of software features, typical work-flow scenarios, and integrations with cloud-based services and apps. Your team will quickly become experts!

Step 3: Grow

Step 3: Grow

Engage with customers like never before! Effectively manage the use of medications for both retail and long-term care, add equipment or services to scale your business at your own pace.

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Even better than "expert support" is experts that have also walked in your shoes. Catalyst is in the rare position of being industry pioneers who created solutions for pharmacies based on personal experience of owning a chain of pharmacies. We're dedicated to your success with a genuine understanding of your priorities.

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