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The risk of doing nothing

In the healthcare industry, the problem of patients taking medications as prescribed represents a multi-faceted dilemma. Lack of adherence causes patients to suffer, burdens emergency services to the tune of millions, and disrupts prescription fulfillment by pharmacies which equal substantial losses of revenue. In the current scenario, everyone loses.

The solution revolves around accelerating medication adherence

The ultimate adherence solution works because it involves the full circle-of-care, engaging pharmacist and patient to improve outcomes - something we've coined the adherence ecosystem. Catalyst Healthcare’s collaboration with leading technology providers is a game changer. For example, McKesson Canada’s PACMED® D is a mini-packager embedded with Catalyst's AdhereNet™ pharmacy software platform, allowing pharmacists to fill prescriptions using best-in-class packaging technology, then track that packaging to any patient, anywhere. Our smartphone app, MyMedTimes™, and in-home dispenser, spencer™, alert patients to take their medication on time and as prescribed.

Who Benefits?

Patients: First and foremost, better medication adherence results in improved health and well-being of patients.

Pharmacies: Initial affordability and compact hardware lose their appeal if you can’t handle future growth. Catalyst has you covered with a medication adherence solution that scales from one to tens of thousands of patients. Seamless integration with Central Fills, nursing home software oneMAR®, and home medication solutions MyMedTimes and spencer means that your pharmacy can easily scale to meet new opportunities.

Insurance Providers: Catalyst's solution improves quality, efficiency, and safety across the medication delivery ecosystem. Full chain of custody, plus tracking of lot numbers and expiry dates from wholesaler through to patient is achievable. Proprietary bar-code scanning technology that tracks meds to the dose level. The end result? Wide-scale availability of consumer-based adherence tools that improve health and decrease costs.

Healthcare Industry: The American Pharmacists Association Foundation reports that medication non-adherence accounts for 10% to 25% of hospital and nursing home admissions annually. Millions of dollars are saved with large-scale adoption of safe, connected technology.

An Ecosystem Built for Adherence

Catalyst AdhereNet™ is a pharmacy software platform built to improve patient medication adherence. It's a scalable solution that increases quality and efficiency at every point across the medication delivery ecosystem.

Integrated. Scalable. Everyone wins with better medication adherence.

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