The only fully automated adherence app on the market

MyMedTimes Mobile Medication Manager

When people take medicine at home, mistakes happen. MyMedTimes changes that.

As the only app on the market that’s fully integrated with pharmacy workflow, people benefit from a medication adherence tool that’s simple, secure and connected. Other apps require the pharmacy team or an individual to manually build a med list or set up reminders… but with MyMedTimes, people get their med information based on real-time connectivity with their pharmacy. Thanks to this mobile technology, people at home can take their medications as prescribed. With pharmacist engagement and ongoing guidance through MyMedTimes, even the most complex health regimen becomes easy to follow, helping people to stay active and independent.

Customer Retention

Customer Retention

When customers are happy, they’re more likely to stick around. A healthy customer is a happy customer — and with MyMedTimes, you have a helpful new tool to increase adherence, improve outcomes and build loyalty.

Increase Profit

Increase Profit

When patients miss their meds or buy them from different pharmacies, it means missed profits for you. But with MyMedTimes, patients get their meds from you and take them as prescribed — for an up to 30% increase in gross profits.

Easy & User Friendly

Easy & User Friendly

Just text your patients the link to their program, and once they create a password, they’ll immediately start getting medication reminders. Your pharmacy dashboard allows you to monitor patients and intervene when they aren’t adherent.


Once you text your patient and they set up their password, they’ll immediately start getting reminders to ensure they’re taking the right medications at the right time.

With MyMedTimes, patients can access their medication list AND a history of all meds taken, skipped or discontinued.

With MyMedTimes, you can rest assured that each of your patients information is kept private, secured with the same technology used by banks.

Pharmacists fortify their key role in patient health, monitoring adherence and intervening by sending personalized notifications.

Our reminders work even when a mobile device is offline. So wherever they are, patients are getting their reminders.

Catalyst’s experienced, knowledgeable support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Competitive Advantage

With your pharmacy on the cutting edge of the technology curve, you’ll have a way to keep customers coming back. Once they’ve discovered the ease and convenience of automated reminders, they won’t go anywhere else for their medication needs.

How It Works

Far beyond a mere pill reminder, pharmacists use AdhereNet to connect with MyMedTimes users. Consistent engagement and real-time access to medication and adherence data allows pharmacists and patients to work together to achieve the highest level of medication adherence.

STEP 1: Talk

STEP 1: Talk

For patients who could use some help taking their meds as prescribed, talk to them about MyMedTimes.

STEP 2: Text

STEP 2: Text

Send a link via text so they can activate their personalized MyMedTimes, complete with meds & reminders.

STEP 3: Engage

STEP 3: Engage

Help your patients to get the most out of their medications with instant feedback and real-time communication.

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