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Catalyst’s Brand Story

Catalyst’s Brand Story Turns a Page

We took a step back and a picture appeared. It was years in the making, yet something new was taking shape. We are taking this opportunity to re-brand Catalyst and share our journey.

What we have created is far more than software—more than blocks. We have built an ecosystem that supports one common goal: Improve Patient Outcomes. Our flagship product AdhereNetTM works in tandem with MyMedTimesTM, integrates with CentralFill and oneMAR®, and connects directly with spencerTM. Our high-quality, cloud-based software is integrated into the pharmacy value chain through seamless interfaces and partnered with the likes of leading healthcare giant McKesson. The end result is a connected system that is transforming medication adherence, resulting in reduced costs on the health system, increased revenue for pharmacies, and an overall higher level of health for patients.

We are not just about technology. We are about solutions. We are about growth. We are the catalyst that sparks change in medication management. Our brand was true when we started our journey, and as we have transformed, so must it. At the core is our new logo, based on sacred geometry, that represents the unity of multiple elements growing and expanding together. In addition to being such a great visual representation of what we stand for, this beautiful, iconic look will seamlessly carry our brand across multiple mediums for instantaneous recognition.

The ecosystem we have created provides assurance and adherence in medication management. The re-brand of Catalyst showcases the transformation we have experienced over the years, moving from pharmaceutical software to a complete medication adherence system focusing on improving patient outcomes. Each of our solutions enhances the other and our growth, along with that of our customers, builds on the platform we have developed.

We are so proud of what our team has created. And we are not done painting this picture.


Managing Team


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