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Catalyst announces interface to SynMed® automation​​

The interface between Catalyst's electronic medication administration record, oneMAR® and SynMed® automation for preparing and dispensing oral solids in blister cards from Synergy Medical, is complete.

"We are pleased to announce that pharmacies using SynMed® can now offer oneMAR® to ensure safer, faster medication administration at the healthcare facilities they serve." - Harvinder Johal, VP of Sales, Catalyst.

The combination of bar-coded adherence packaging and oneMAR® can improve efficiencies by 2.6 times over manual MAR processes, reduce med-pass time by 52%, and eliminate monthly changeover costs. Interactive dashboards allow the pharmacy to monitor, intervene and track outcomes. With information on what has been taken and when, the pharmacy can proactively review a report of vitals married up to medications that were taken, giving insight into not only adherence but also effectiveness. The care-giving circle is complete, with the highest chance of total adherence.

This is all possible because of Catalyst’s flagship software for pharmacies, and it’s compatibility with automated packing units such as SynMed®.

Sales contact: Harvinder Johal, (250) 868-7352
Press contact: Kasumi “Kas” Oda, (250) 980-4713