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Catalyst on “Cseking In”

The future of healthcare is at your bedside

Shane Bishop, CEO of Kelowna's Catalyst Healthcare, joins Nikki Csek for an in-depth discussion. They discuss his vision for starting both Catalyst and Pack4U, and how our ageing population is benefiting from patented technology that eliminates missed doses and medication administration errors. With this technology and a toaster-sized medication dispenser, people taking multiple medications have the option to age in place comfortably in their homes.

Shane elaborates on the real-time connection between patients at home and pharmacists who can monitor and communicate through the interactive capability of spencer, a device that is like having a pharmacist in your home. Catalyst connected technologies are having a phenomenal impact on individuals health, both in their homes and long-term care facilities.

Thanks to Nikki for having Shane on the show.

Watch the full interview here.


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