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Living Well with Parkinson’s

SuperWalk plays a major role in the ability to deliver support, service and hope to Canadians with Parkinson’s

Catalyst, in partnership with McKesson, is proud to sponsor the Parkinson Canada SuperWalk, and to work together on initiatives aimed at improving the quality of care for Canadians with Parkinson’s.

“In 2017 the first Canadian — a grandfather with Parkinson’s disease — welcomed our ‘spencer’ medication dispenser featuring McKesson pouch packaging, into his home. Since then we have been proudly working with amazing pharmacists, caregivers, and patients to help medications be taken as prescribed. Catalyst and McKesson Canada are excited to sponsor Parkinson Canada SuperWalk, which embodies the goal of living well with Parkinson’s,” shared Catalyst CEO Shane Bishop.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Parkinson Canada SuperWalk, an annual event that allows thousands of Canadians to come together and walk in support of people living with Parkinson’s disease.

Read the full press release here as published on HRIPortal.


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