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5 Tips for Electronic Medication Adherence Technologies

Tejal Patel, Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Waterloo recently wrote an article for Pharmacy Practice + Business magazine. Tejal is a practicing clinical pharmacist with the Memory Clinic at the Centre for Family Medicine Health Team in Kitchener Ontario. The article explains the importance of medication adherence and the benefits of electronic medication adherence technology. It lists five tips to guide pharmacies in selecting the right electronic adherence device for their patients.

  1. Determine the cause of the unintentional nonadherence
  2. Examine the features of the electronic medication adherence aids to determine product appropriateness for patient
  3. Ensure that the patient can use the electronic medication adherence device effectively at home
  4. Determine if a caregiver needs to monitor adherence
  5. Determine if the patient can afford the device

Read the full article online here.


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