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Catalyst + McKesson Canada

Catalyst Healthcare and McKesson Canada Collaborate to Provide Integrated Pharmacy Solution.

Best-in-class hardware + software combo
opens growth opportunities for pharmacies

Catalyst Healthcare and McKesson Canada have announced a co-marketing and co-distribution agreement to deliver a full-service adherence solution for pharmacies by embedding AdhereNetTM (Catalyst’s pharmacy software platform) onto McKesson’s automation equipment. This collaboration empowers pharmacists with access to a cost-effective and scalable medication adherence solution for their patients; not only providing every pharmacy with access to advanced adherence packaging, but also enabling them to track the packaging to any patient, anywhere, and to alert patients to take their medication on-time and as-prescribed.

“The practice of pharmacy is changing in North America. Pharmacies are facing increased pressure to ensure patients are maintaining medication regimes, and so the timing could not be better to combine Catalyst’s full suite of technology adherence solutions with McKesson Canada’s best-in-class adherence packaging technologies,” said Shane Bishop, Catalyst Founder and CEO. “For the first time pharmacies will have real-time access to a patient’s medication schedule with the ability to promote adherence via live communication. At the same time the pharmacy will be empowered to provide evidence to pharmacy reimbursement providers that they have raised the bar as a healthcare provider.”


Status quo isn’t good enough. Statistics show that patients need pharmacies to raise the bar.


of adults say they skipped or missed a dose in the past 12 months.*

75% of adults say they skipped or missed a dose in the past 12 months


people are affected by a chronic condition - expected reach of 157 million people by 2020.†

133M people are affected by a chronic condition - expected reach of 157 million people by 2020

Pharmacies lose


in revenue due to non-adherence to doctors prescriptions.*

Pharmacies lose 20-30% in revenue due to non-adherence to doctors prescriptions

* American Pharmacists Association Foundation † Rand Corporation

Catalyst + McKesson Canada = Ultimate Medication Adherence

The risk of doing nothing.

Every business looks for ways to increase operational efficiency and profits while delivering a great experience for customers. In the healthcare industry, the problem of patients taking medications as prescribed represents a multi-faceted dilemma. Lack of adherence causes patients to suffer, burdens emergency services to the tune of millions, and disrupts prescription fulfillment by pharmacies which equal substantial losses of revenue. In the current scenario, everyone loses.

Small investment, big opportunity.

McKesson Canada and Catalyst Healthcare’s collaboration is a game changer for pharmacies. The ultimate adherence solution works because it involves the full circle-of-care, engaging pharmacist and patient to improve outcomes. McKesson Canada’s PACMED® D is a mini-packager that allows pharmacists to fill prescriptions using best-in-class packaging technology. With Catalyst’s full suite of adherence solutions, the packaging is tracked to any patient, anywhere. The smartphone app, MyMedTimesTM, and in-home dispenser, spencerTM, alerts patients to take their medication on time and as prescribed.

Brilliantly scalable.

Initial affordability and compact hardware lose their appeal if you can’t handle future growth. Catalyst has you covered with a medication adherence solution that scales from one to tens of thousands of patients. Seamless integration with Central Fills, nursing home software oneMAR®, and home medication solutions MyMedTimes and spencer means that your pharmacy can easily scale to meet new opportunities.

An ecosystem built for adherence

AdhereNetTM + PACMED® D

  • Advanced adherence packaging technology with a small footprint (5.5 sq.ft.)
  • Pre-loaded with AdhereNet to save on initial costs and enable future growth
  • Platform to engage with customers using MyMedTimes, oneMAR, and spencer
  • Real-time, interactive dashboards for adherence monitoring and intervention
  • Safe. Scalable. Everyone wins with better medication adherence.

Personalized Adherence Packaging + MyMedTimes or spencer

  • Feature-packed solutions for total adherence + medications conveniently organized by date / time to be taken
  • Simple, secure, automated solutions pre-populated with patient profile, prescriptions, medication schedule
  • Pop-ups let patients know when it’s time to take their medications, decreasing skipped or missed doses
  • As secure as online banking: information is kept private, secured with the same technology used by banks
  • Only solutions that are fully integrated with pharmacy workflow for true pharmacy-to-patient adherence management

Everyone wins with better medication adherence. We encourage you to inquire about a personal demo for your team.

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