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Hope, support through life-changing diagnosis

Greg was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at only 39. Like many chronic illnesses, Parkinson’s not only affects those directly living with the disease but caregivers and loved ones.

Greg’s is a powerful story.

Watch the clip to find out more about how he manages life with the disease and how he is doing 10 years after his diagnosis. In that time, Greg and his family have found ways to manage his symptoms and improve his everyday life. Now that his care is better managed, Greg has found a new sense of control again. 

Another aspect of care management that has been a game-changer is having spencer which helps him manage his daily pill intake.

“I need to have my medication every three hours to stay somewhat stable,” he said, adding he got the device about a year-and-a-half ago.

“When we didn’t have it, because Parkinson’s also affects the memory, I would forget to take my medication. I went at least six months without taking my medication on time,” he admitted. “Now with the dispenser my wife doesn’t go to work worrying about if I will remember to take my medication or not.”

Click here to read Greg's full story in Barrie Today.


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