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meet our spencer ambassadors

At first it was the comments on social media.

  • All my conditions came under control within a month.
  • Before spencer I was having a lot of heart palpitations.
  • My 91 year old grandma has one and it works great for her.
  • I used to need home care to come four times a day.
  • I can't believe how fast and easy it was to get started.
  • My son has one. A great helper and saves sooo much time.
  • spencer was the best thing I ever did.
  • I love my pharmacist.
  • I love my spencer.

And then it was the volunteers. A spencer user asking their pharmacist how they could help and get involved. Another offering to do the onboarding for new patients in their community, to get their neighbors started on their spencer journey. All wanting information to share with friends, family, doctors, care workers, case managers. All proud of taking control of their health and wanting to give others that same opportunity.

And so began our spencer Ambassador program: a community of spencer users sharing their experience and coming together to offer advice, stories, and expertise.

Click here to meet our spencer ambassadors and to watch their stories on YouTube.


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