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Catalyst & Parkinson Canada

Committed to Canadians with Parkinson's

As a trusted partner and advisor for Canadians with Parkinson’s, Parkinson Canada has been focusing on the importance of proper medication management when speaking with people impacted by Parkinson’s and healthcare professionals. The primary message of its ACT on Time® campaign is that people with Parkinson’s disease need to get their medication on time, at home, in an emergency room, in a long-term care facility, every time.

Given the individual nature of Parkinson’s and unique medication regimens, adherence to one’s personal schedule is critical to achieving good health outcomes and to living well with the disease. That’s why Parkinson Canada is proud to partner with Catalyst to increase awareness of digital health tools that help Canadians with Parkinson’s manage the timing and complexity of their medications.

Furthermore, through this partnership, Catalyst has made a commitment to share a percentage of proceeds from these digital health tools to support Parkinson Canada.

Click here to read the press release as published by Parkinson Canada.


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