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RCT study with spencer

Catalyst is pleased to share the peer-reviewed publication of our CABHI funded study with Alberta Health Services in BMC Geriatrics which found that spencer can be an effective, long-term solution to medication non-adherence.

Canadian adults aged 65 and older and living in the community, on average, are prescribed 6.7 medications. As a result, medication adherence is particularly challenging for older adults due to medication regimen factors, such as the number of medications, dosing schedule, and the duration of drug therapy.

Alberta Health Services conducted a Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) to examine the effectiveness of Catalyst technology - AdhereNet and spencer - on improving medication adherence and health perception in older adults with chronic conditions.

The study found that spencer can be an effective, long-term solution to medication non-adherence in older adults experiencing chronic conditions and taking multiple medications. Catalyst technology induces better consistency and improvement in medication taking behavior than simple, non-technological intervention.

Special thanks to the teams at:

  • Alberta Health Services
  • Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation
  • The East Calgary Health Center
  • Apex Pharmacies Ltd. - Sandstone Pharmacies
  • University of Alberta
  • Spencer Health Solutions, Inc.

Read the full text as published in BMC Geriatrics.


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