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spencer and children

We know the work we're doing is important. Every day we match people in need with amazing pharmacists in the community to help manage their medications and achieve their health goals. But it's especially poignant when the person who wants spencer is a 14-year old taking medications for a brain tumor.

When she saw a video about spencer on social media, she started dreaming about having one for herself. She was introduced to pharmacist Teresa, who got her started right away, sharing that "She is soooo sweet and was soooo happy. The smile on her face made my week."

For 10 years I have been her nurse but now she has her own nurse spencer.

Mom of spencer user

Our youngest spencer user is an 8-year old with ADHD and asthma, who told her pharmacist, "You are not just helping with my health by fixing my meds, you understand who I am and how COVID affects me."

We see it every day. People of all ages benefitting from an adherence program and the added independence of supportive technology. Managing multiple medications is complicated at the best of times, and when a child is involved the struggle is that much worse. It can be overwhelming for everyone involved.

spencer is life changing for patients and their families.

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