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Meeting a Growing Need in the Okanagan

Pharmacy owner Craig introduces spencer to improve people's health and give peace of mind to caregivers

Glenmore Pharmasave, the first spencer-certified pharmacy in Canada, is meeting a growing need in the Okanagan. Consider this:

  • Seniors represent a staggering 21% of our population. They are living longer and want to stay home for as long as possible (Global News; Aging in the Okanagan: Seniors population on the rise, 2017).
  • 72% of the 30,363 BC residents receiving long-term home support are for difficulty with medication management (Office of the Seniors Advocate BC; Analysis: Who are we caring for? 2017).
  • Multiple medications are a common concern when it comes to senior's health. Pharmacists dispensed an average of 35 prescriptions per person aged 60 to 79, and 74 prescriptions per person aged 80 or older, compared with an overall average of 14 prescriptions per Canadian (Statistics Canada; Findings, 2015).
  • Approximately 11% of 45 to 64-year-olds and 30% of seniors aged 65 to 79 took at least five prescription medications concurrently (Statistics Canada; Findings, 2011)
  • Not adhering to medication accounts for almost 70% of medication-related hospitalizations. That costs the Canadian healthcare system up to $9 billion per year. (ABN Life; The cost of non-adherence to prescribed medications, 2017).
  • Older adults who fail to take prescribed medications were 76% more likely to experience a significant decline in their overall health than those who took their medications as prescribed (Medical Care; The Health Effects of Restricting Prescription Medication Use Because of Cost, 2004).

The need to manually sort medications into an organizer, or set alarms to remind users to take them; those days are behind us. When it comes to taking medications at home, we've entered a new era of connected services and technologies; welcome to Canada, spencer!

Click here to read the press release as published on PRweb.

Pharmacy owner Craig Tostenson with spencer in-home medication dispenser. 


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