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The Cost of Not Taking Your Medication

With Catalyst’s mobile and in-home technologies, patients have the power to work with pharmacists and accurately take part in their own medication management.

The New York Times recently published an article on their website warning of the costs and dangers of medication errors. The article is fascinating and worth a read – the stats are alarming. It quotes recent statistics estimating that issues with medication adherence “…cause approximately 125,000 deaths and at least 10 percent of hospitalizations, and cost the American health care system between $100 billion and $289 billion a year.”

This article getting so much traction is significant as it helps to shine a spotlight on the importance of taking medications as prescribed, and most importantly it brings everyone into the conversation, not just those in healthcare.

It’s clear that medication non-adherence is a major crisis, and many articles and studies have focused on the issue from the perspective of pharmacies, hospitals/long-term care facilities, and the healthcare system. While many aspects of this challenge are addressed at this level through solutions such as Catalyst’s AdhereNet™ pharmacy platform, this article provides a voice for the patient perspective. Leading pharmacists are focused on clinical services and patient-centered care, but the end users – the patients themselves – must also take part in their medication management to truly improve adherence.

To this end, Catalyst offers solutions which are designed to empower patients to improve medication management. Catalyst is leading the marketplace in this area with technology to facilitate adherence at home, decreasing overall healthcare costs, reducing hospitalizations, improving health outcomes, and even saving lives. There truly is ‘an app for everything’ and with Catalyst’s MyMedTimes™ smart mobile app and spencer™ in-home dispenser, consumers are increasingly able to rely on technology to support their medication adherence.

There are many pill reminder apps on the market, but they rely on manual input of medication information, which does little to reduce mistakes. MyMedTimes™ is the only completely automated medication adherence app on the market. Because it’s fully integrated with Catalyst’s pharmacy software platform, medication information is synced directly from the pharmacy to the app, eliminating errors. The app guides patients on which medications to take and when, and the interactive pharmacy dashboard allows pharmacists to monitor outcomes and to intervene with communication if non-adherence becomes an issue. The dashboard also provides data which the pharmacy can use to demonstrate active patient engagement and managing of medication adherence.

The spencer™ advanced in-home medication dispenser is a smart, connected health hub that manages patient medication adherence and connects patients, caregivers and pharmacists via notifications and communications. As with MyMedTimes™, spencer™ is fully integrated with Catalyst’s pharmacy solutions to ensure medication is packaged with 100% accuracy, and it also incorporates biometric data and the individual’s own feedback on how they are feeling and the problems they are experiencing to ensure optimum health and safety. With insightful and actionable information, the individual, their pharmacist, and care teams can catch emerging problems and proactively manage care.

These cutting-edge technologies, in concert with Catalyst’s AdhereNet™ platform, bring the medication delivery ecosystem full-circle. The ability for patients to work with their healthcare providers to manage their medications is bringing a total transformation to the issue of medication adherence, and we couldn’t be more excited to be at the forefront of this modernization.

Catalyst’s adherence solutions go beyond the pharmacy extending into the daily lives of patients with direct, real-time pharmacist intervention that makes it easy to take medications with total accuracy. Learn more about Catalyst’s adherence ecosystem.


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