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The Value of an Electronic Medication Administration Record

With Catalyst’s best-in-class eMAR solution, long term care pharmacists and nurses are empowered to improve patient safety while benefiting from efficiency gains.

The introduction of electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) software has revolutionized patient care, rapidly replacing the use of paper MARs throughout the long-term care industry. Where paper MARs are time-consuming, inefficient and prone to human error, electronic MARs are designed to simplify the medication administration process, helping nurses to confidently and efficiently administer medication.

Within the pharmacy, advancements in technology have lead to seamless flow of information through integrated systems that reduce the need for duplicate data entry and minimize the time consuming, error-prone processes associated with manual intervention. With two-thirds of seniors in long-term care taking 10 or more drugs for advanced and complex conditions (CIHI), an engaged and empowered care team that includes both pharmacy and nurses is paramount for optimal patient care.

Catalyst Healthcare’s oneMAR® is unique in the marketplace, the eMAR contribution to an adherence ecosystem of digital health tools and technologies designed to improve health outcomes and financial margin in operations. Through the AdhereNet™ platform, pharmacists manage the preparation and delivery of medication using real-time dashboards, tracking, and reporting that are fully integrated with their pharmacy management software and automation.

The networking capabilities offered by AdhereNet™ allow pharmacies to rapidly and cost-effectively offer adherence packaging, and track that packaging to long-term care facilities where nurses use oneMAR® to administer medication on-time and as-prescribed. Care teams have real-time access to patient, prescription and administration information, while bar-code scanning at the point of care ensures that the “7 rights” of medication administration are consistently followed – right resident, right drug, right dose, right time, right route, right reason and right documentation. With oneMAR®, a single scan of a multi-dose package both simplifies and error-proofs the med pass, while real-time connectivity to the long-term care pharmacy streamlines medication ordering, receipt and inventory management.

Catalyst’s oneMAR® facilitates a true collaboration across care teams, from long term care pharmacy to long term care facility, creating a partnership in patient care with a level of engagement that has never before been possible. eMARs such as oneMAR® are essential for any pharmacy conducting business in the long term care space.

oneMAR® gives nurses everything they need to know to safely administer medications. The real-time connection with pharmacy means instant sharing of information such as new and discontinued medications. Bar-code scanning at the point of care is a simple, consistent process, and digital photos of each resident along with drug images further supports accurate administration. It also prompts caregivers with notifications of medication changes and warning messages to prevent missed-doses, administration to the wrong-resident and other errors. The combination of bar-coded medication adherence packaging and oneMAR® can improve efficiencies by 2.6 times over paper MAR processes, reduce med-pass time by 52%, and eliminate monthly changeover costs. Tracking administered, discontinued, returned and wasted medications at the dose level ensures availability while simultaneously helping to decrease waste by up to 70%.

Long term care providers may find their information technology requirements are for eMAR as well as clinical and charting software. To that end, Catalyst and Momentum Healthware have joined forces to provide a best-of-breed, fully integrated and cost-effective eMAR-clinical software solution: the safest eMAR and world class clinical software, together as one. oneMAR® is fully integrated with Momentum Convergence.

Reducing medication errors is a crucial issue in long-term care, and Catalyst’s oneMAR® is the tool to ensure a safe, standardized process for medication administration with collaboration across the care team. Read our recent case study to learn more about the use of oneMAR® in a long-term care facility.


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