Medication Adherence

Everyday, pharmacists, nurses, and caregivers trust Catalyst to help people take their medication as prescribed.

One of the highest healthcare costs governments face today is that of prescribed medications not being taken properly. Medication errors result in more doctor visits, increased trips to hospitals and poor patient outcomes. Catalyst Healthcare is a technology company based in Kelowna, British Columbia, that’s improving medication adherence and reducing the costs associated with non-adherence to healthcare systems. We create industry-leading software platforms and apps for pharmacies, long-term care facilities, central fills, and consumers.

The Need for Adherence

Status quo isn’t good enough. Statistics show that patients need the industry to raise the bar.


of adults say they skipped or missed a dose in the past 12 months.*

75% of adults say they skipped or missed a dose in the past 12 months


people are affected by a chronic condition - expected reach of 157 million people by 2020.†

133M people are affected by a chronic condition - expected reach of 157 million people by 2020

Pharmacies lose


in revenue due to non-adherence to doctors prescriptions.*

Pharmacies lose 20-30% in revenue due to non-adherence to doctors prescriptions

* American Pharmacists Association Foundation † Rand Corporation

An Ecosystem Built for Adherence

Catalyst AdhereNet™ is a pharmacy software platform built to improve patient medication adherence. It's a scalable solution that increases quality and efficiency at every point across the medication delivery ecosystem.

Integrated. Scalable. Everyone wins with better medication adherence.

AdhereNet pharmacy software platform
Pharmacy Software Platform
CentralFill Supply Chain Software
oneMAR Nurse and Facility Software
spencer Medication Dispenser
MyMedTimes Patient and Caregiver Mobile App

Case Studies


Sobeys National Pharmacy

Sobeys has a long and well-established history, having operated in Atlantic Canada for more than 100 years. Having made a number of recent acquisitions, the Sobeys National Pharmacy Group now includes…

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Willowgrove Pharmacy

Willowgrove Pharmacy in Saskatoon provides a personal approach to their patient-centric pharmacy business. The pharmacy has been using Catalyst’s AdhereNet™ pharmacy software since they opened in 2006.

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News + Articles

Catalyst Healthcare Recognized as Top BC Technology Company

March 21, 2017

2017 ‘Ready to Rocket’ list identifies Catalyst as a Digital Health Company with Highest Growth Potential. Catalyst provides high-quality software to pharmacists, nurses and patients to ensure that people receive medications safely and efficiently. Our determination to accelerate medication adherence is based on a history of serving long-term care and retail patients.

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Catalyst Healthcare Announces Innovative New Pharmacy Software Platform

February 16, 2017

Catalyst Healthcare has announced the launch of their AdhereNet™ medication management pharmacy software. AdhereNet™ builds on years of pharmacy software development, and has culminated in an end-to-end solution designed to improve patient medication adherence.

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MyMedTimes™ vs. Pill Reminder and Medicine Apps

February 06, 2017

Pharmacies, caregivers, and patients now have a full solution that goes beyond simple alerts to take medication or refill a prescription— introducing MyMedTimes™, the only fully automated adherence app on the market.  Safe, accurate, easy. With the ubiquitous use of laptops, tablets and smart phones in the healthcare industry, the natural progression of medical apps has been sure and steady. The functionality of these apps ranges from glorified alarm clocks reminding you it’s time to take a pill, to full-featured healthcare apps designed to engage everyone the caregiving loop and improve medicine adherence.

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Catalyst’s Brand Story Turns a Page

January 31, 2017

We took a step back and a picture appeared. It was years in the making, yet something new was taking shape. We are taking this opportunity to re-brand Catalyst and share our journey.

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Catalyst + McKesson Canada

January 26, 2017

Best-in-class hardware + software combo opens growth opportunities for pharmacies. A mini PACMED® embedded with Catalyst's AdhereNet™ software platform is a scalable and cost-effective way for pharmacists to engage with their clients using smart phone apps and in-home dispensers to improve medication adherence and outcomes.

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